Close Your Eyes (2018)

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Synopsis: Virginia, a free-spirited photographer, is fiercely attacked by a flock of birds while taking photographs in the woods. Terrified and bloodied, she finds refuge in a secluded cabin owned by Ed, a Native American. His puzzlement and concern is amplified when two hikers, Sarah and Annabel, also seek shelter at the cottage. As the avian onslaught mercilessly continues, the group experiences mounting dread. Are the mysterious heartbeats that begin to torment the quartet a result of the unrelenting anxiety of the bird attacks, or a sign of group madness? Ed attempts to make contact with the outside world using an old ham radio, but the frequencies remain mysteriously silent. The unremitting stress drives Virginia to a mental breakdown, and to her horror she shoots and kills Ed with his own gun. The shock of the violent act then causes the three women to engage in their own, individual survival-of-the-fittest fight for their lives in this tense, psychological thriller.

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